Simpsons Sex Video

Hi all! Sorry for NO updates I was totally busy with Zone-Tan swf videos (to change speed while sex-machine get inside Zone-Tan from slow to fast). But now this is done and I can start new work. I was seeking for new ideas and new tv-shows – but most of them are not so interesting and I`ve remembered that some of you ask for Simpsons.
Simpsons – why not?!
I like Marge – she is always really hot milf – and as you know Homer is rather good fuckmaster – but he is so fat and always looks funny. So I start a new project called “Marge Simpson Great Fuck” and want to share my working process desktop – think you`ll like this screens – and see that I`am working hard on this video. Thank you for visiting my site. And please comment my work – 10x!

Zone-Tan sex video in progress

Hi everyone sorry for delay but now I`am totally in progress with new version of Zone-Tan video. We are now making FTF-boy conception. This is black nigga with great strap-on and dildo collection who gonna fuck all the well-known toons and the first one is – Zone-Tan. Here are some screens from my desktop, remember full video is available only fro members:

More cartoon sex

Hallo everyone who missed me! Great video update: 5 videos from Bato with Love in one post. Only hot XXX animated momnets here. With NO advertise and NO intro. Think you`ll like this stuf. Thank`s for commenting.