WHentai artists tutorial

For those artists who read THIS LINK and want to get artists status at whentai.com and start earning money (from 40$ per pic)

When creating simple account at whentai.com you can get artsits status. Before doing this please be sure you have to fullfill your profile and upload minimum 10 high quality pics in UPLOAD section.


After this please use ARTISTS$$$ button in your menu. If everuthing is ok wth your upload you`ll get active button: “I understand the rules and ready to become WHentai.com artist”


After this you`ll have to wait for 24 hours and if everything is ok with your profile and your uploaded pics, you`ll get artist status. Moreover in main menu you`ll find new button “Polls”.


When get artist status you can start your polls. Poll is the main whentai feature. Becareful starting polls. We recommend to start one poll and finish it – it takes really long time – 7 days, but after this you`ll be sure not making any mistakes. When you`ll finish your first poll you can start one poll per day – but remember you must finish all started polls, otherwise you`ll lose your artits status. Now let`s try to create first poll in POLLS section in your menu.


After poll created you have to watch and control it. On first stage you collect ideas – you can provide some your own ideas and have to approve or delete approve from other members. Please be careful: don`t approve ideas to hard and tricky to draw.


When first stage finished please wait for votes passed – this is main stage when the winner is determined.


3rd stage – is your hard work stage – you have to draw the winning idea. But in the same time it is the best time to start new Poll and collect new ideas.


Stage 4 – is opened when you upload finished work and press “End current poll and upload requested pic”


So that`s all concerning polls starting, voting and pics uploading. When work is finished you get +40$ for your balance. When your balance is over 200$ you can create payment request from your profile. You`ll get your money in 48 hours during buisness days. Please do not forget to fullfill your paypal infor in your profile.


Remember if you have any questions or doubts about payment you can always ask via e-mail: [email protected]
Moreover, very often new artists want to get first payment from the very first pic – no problem we make extra payments of 40$ – just mail us about this.

whentai – unique request artist system

Hallo again everyone. Here is shot tutorial how to work with whentai.com If you are an artist please read this carefully and than use this LINK to get step-by-step tutorial to get ARTIST status at whentai.com and earn from 40$ per pic (bytheway: vip artists get over 250$ per pic at whentai)

Whentai.com is unique web service providing it`s community with request system: best artists create best ideas. Only one rule: provide idea, share it among your friends, get more votes, find your idea drawn by best whentai artists. This is really simple: just create request in request section. Wait while our artist approve it. Start voting for this one idea and provide it with more votes in poll. If your idea won the poll (get more votes than others) – get your pic ready in a few days. Let`s see how it works in step-by-step tutorial.

So you can see main page at whentai.com there are several sections on the left side: Live, Requests, All, Search, Artists, FAQ, Feed


Now you have to register in whentai community to start voting and providing ideas in request section.


After registration you can login and see your account in right up corner:


When ready please go to main section at whentai.com – REQUESTS section. This is most active section in whole site: 80% of all members spend here all there time – and that`s why whentai.com was created. So please be carefull in this section – we have really cruel but fair moderators here. While clicking “REQUESTS” you`ll see 4 stages on the top of the page. Stage 1 – is place collecting ideas from our members, you can see active artists who are collecting ideas right now, to add your idea just type it in the form below. Please read ideas from other members, so there must be NO duplicates.


After adding your ideas please use “Stage 2” button on the top. Here is information about current polls based on the ideas proposed in stage 1. You can see how much votes have each idea in each poll. So inviting friends in this section and asking for vote for your idea increases your chances of winning


Next is “Stage 3” – here you can see all winning ideas, and check there current status and artists, who are busy while creating your ideas.


The last “Stage 4” in REQUEST section is unique collection of finished works by whentai artists. 500+ works finished and based on whentai members ideas. Real masterpieces. Please enjoy.


Some words about other sections:
Live – main page of whentai.com
All – all pics in one place with sort options
Search – search tool by tags, usefull when looking for your favourite heroes (example “Naruto”)
Artists – section with our artists top
FAQ – this tutorial
Feed – XML feed for RSS readers and so on.

If you are an artist or animator please use this LINK to get step-by-step tutorial to get ARTIST status at whentai.com and earn from 40$ per pic (bytheway: vip artists get over 250$ per pic at whentai)