Zone Tan version 2.0: new heroes available!

Sorry for delay. I have to fix troubleshotings with my PC. Now I`am at work again. New version of zone-tan game is ready. As we promise new heroes available: ben 10, pokemon, the legend of korra, jean grey from x-men. But will be available only for FTF, TFC, D-H members in next update in member section (remember you can always join here:  Here you can launch DEMO version and if you find any bugg or error – let me know – I`ll try to fix this one shotly.


If you have any problems try to use direct link here: zone-tan-sex-game


  1. Los Tiburon, the Shark of the Land says:

    At first I was extremely frustrated with this game and bitching about how awful it was. However, after beating it I can say that it’s actually very good and just has one major, MAJOR flaw.

    The problem I had was that you don’t actually give an indicator of what the goal was. I thought you had to time it so that she comes at the same time as you, however, I realized after extensive play that you simply have to make her orgasm a few times before you get a victory screen and can continue as you wish. I think you need to give some indicator of that – perhaps a message on the first screen like “try to make her orgasm a few times before you do or she’ll push you away. You’ll get a victory message when you are able to cum” or something like that would make the game much less frustrating. That, and slightly larger hitboxes on the cloting, or some indication that you’ve grabbed it. Removing it isn’t too hard, it’s just hard to tell when you’ve actually clicked it. I think a special cursor when you’ve grabbed it or maybe the piece of clothing grabbed lighting up would help with that.

    One other change I’d like to see is the ability to come inside her multiple times. After you come once, the penis disappears. It would be nice to be able to keep cumming in her.

    Overall, good game, vague instructions. I enjoyed the challenge once I realized what you were supposed to do and I don’t think anything needs to be changed mechanically to fix it, just visually, since it’s hard to tell if you’ve grabbed an article of clothing or not.

  2. reply says:

    How to take off her dress?

  3. Robert says:

    When are the new characters coming? you should remake this game with updated upgrades!

  4. thor says:

    I remember when I put her hands behind her back but cant seem to figure it out any suggestions