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New Zone-Tan Game

New Zone-Tan Game: please comment what you like/dislike, what youoptions you need in this game? What feature you need in next version of this game? What heroes you`ll like to add? All questions and opinions are wellcome in comments. And thank you visiting this site.

New game with Zone-Tan will be available soon


Some hot news: new videos and game sin progress special fro drawnhentai.com updates. But now I want to show you only some screens from new game with Zone-Tan. As you remember we got really large number of bad comments and many of you was disapointed with our first game with Zone-Tan because can`t finish the game – it is was too HARD for most of you. SO we almost finish new game with really good sex scenes and simplest way to get next and next scene. We remake well-known game with Roger Rabbit and want to present you new ver. 2.0 with Zone Tan. Some hot screens now. Rmember this game will be available on 15th of march for drawn-hentai.com members ONLY! Join drawn-hentai and be the first one who got the full version:

Zone Tan version 2.0: new heroes available!

Sorry for delay. I have to fix troubleshotings with my PC. Now I`am at work again. New version of zone-tan game is ready. As we promise new heroes available: ben 10, pokemon, the legend of korra, jean grey from x-men. But will be available only for FTF, TFC, D-H members in next update in member section (remember you can always join here: drawn-hentai.com famous-toons-facial.com toonfanlcub.com)  Here you can launch DEMO version and if you find any bugg or error – let me know – I`ll try to fix this one shotly.


If you have any problems try to use direct link here: zone-tan-sex-game