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New game request!

Hallo. As I see from comments and from my mail most of you like ZoneTan Sex Game v.2.0

Now we make special offer for all our members: please send on my mail your favourite flash game and name HERO you would like to see as the main hero in this game. We post most interesting and after poll completes – make one the most hot game with most heroes which you can select like we do with Zone-Tan Game.

So you have your favourite flash Game but want to see there your favourite Hero? Just send me letter on attach this game and name of your hero in title – I`ll waiting for it. Thank you.

Next video: Family Guy

Hallo everyone. First of all I want to thank you for your comments. It ir really hard to reply to all of you but I promise to read them all. Now teen titans video is almost ready for posting in FTF members section. And here comes – the next one. Family guy – hot Loise here! Some screen from my desktop and main – some video scene in swf format. Think you`ll like this boobs. Enjoy!



Bonus Scenes: