Zone Tan version 2.0: new heroes available!

Sorry for delay. I have to fix troubleshotings with my PC. Now I`am at work again. New version of zone-tan game is ready. As we promise new heroes available: ben 10, pokemon, the legend of korra, jean grey from x-men. But will be available only for FTF, TFC, D-H members in next update in member section (remember you can always join here:  Here you can launch DEMO version and if you find any bugg or error – let me know – I`ll try to fix this one shotly.


If you have any problems try to use direct link here: zone-tan-sex-game


  1. beerwurz says:

    This is one of the best games I’ve ever played. And it is nice that is is so difficult. I’d like to play more games with Zone Tan. So Thank you for this one.

  2. Auriza says:

    Hi there Bato! while i like your game concept and dont mind a challenge, I have to point out that i spend 2 hours on this demo version and got nowhere, in regards of making Zone-tan cum… This was on the “so called” easy difficulty (1-5-5) and in the end i just gave up… I tried everything i could think of and yet nothing. In my opinion there needs to be a little more indication of how close she is to climaxing. The purple and blue stars/sparks gives you an idea that what your doing is in the right direction, but even when getting those still nothing. I tried going slow (hence the 2 hours of trying) and ive tried going faster, but yet again no results. Either the Stars/sparks shows up less and less or she will push me away. Anyway a little more indication would be very much appreciated, maybe a bar on the side to show ones progress. This, like the meter for ones own climax, could optionally be removable?

    anyway keep up the good animation work :)

  3. Fox says:

    Sigh could you at least tell us HOW and WHAT to click to undress her? It would be Great if you told us in order. (not saying that you have to :/ .) Also I’ve read the whole Reply page and MOST not all MOST people dislike the game for its difficulty even the slightest wrong move and you fail and restart… and please don’t give me all the bull you gave everyone else it won’t work I’ll just keep replying and replying till most of the things on the reply page is met..

    Sincerely, Fox

  4. Cam says:

    I can’t figure this out. I rub her clit and it flashes white and then stops and she pushes me away. I am on the supposedly easy difficult (1-5-5) and I have no idea how to make her climax without her pushing me away in the process. It feels like I’m having sex with an emotionally retarded person who won’t let me touch her.

  5. Brian says:

    Totally NOT FAIR to those who can’t access the full version. I don’t want to pay $30 to play a flash game.

  6. Gianos says:

    It totally sucks, I just wasted half an hour on a stupid game and several minutes reading how much people are saying that it sucks and how stupid your reply are.

  7. Titrianchos says:

    All I will say is that if so many people take the time to make such lengthy complaints about your game, it probably means your game is very good. If they honestly did not like your game, they wouldn’t “waste half an hour” playing it right?

    It’s a good game.

    • thank you for your opinion. You don`t know how many comments I get in my mailbox (on the top of the page). And I try to answer on all of them. Now I can`t make a decesion: what next? Video or game?

  8. Atilla says:

    Your a great designer :) congratulations for this job. I’m too graphic artist.. and looking sexy :P I play demo version. No error , no bug , but i think you have to use Action Script 4.. Because other languages some slow.. And I would like to know you i writed my e mail. if possible u can send me ? V2.0
    because I don’t want crack this game :S :D

  9. Atilla says:

    Your a great designer :) congratulations for this job. I’m too graphic artist.. and looking sexy :P I play demo version. No error , no bug , but i think you have to use Action Script 4.. Because other languages some slow.. And I would like to know you i writed my e mail. if possible u can send me ? V2.0
    because I don’t want crack this game :S :)
    and if you interested my site i can send my source codes

  10. Jebus says:

    FFS sometimes she pushes me after touching her thigh for 1 fucking second. Bullshit

  11. Discoun7 says:

    Does the demo contain data for the additional characters just blocked out by a line of code or did you omit it all together.

  12. WillSloth says:

    This is soooooooo hard to play although I selected the 1-5-5 config. It arose me at first, and now I am so tired of it. That being said, this is a great game, really, but perhaps I just don’t have enough time to play it. A orgasm indicator would be a big favor, cuz it can at least give us players some sort of hope. Anyway thank you for this game. Probably will check this later to view the new version.

  13. Astounded says:

    You expect people to pay $35 dollars to play a sex flash game where masturbation is near impossible when rapidly pressing the space bar? The game is easy, in my opinion, just not fapping to it. Also, why is it that these websites charge an exorbitant amount of money to play games in which the majority of the art, animations and sound effects were blatantly stolen from other hard-working artists who charge significantly less. And why would people want to subscribe when the person who is representing these websites types as grammatically incorrect as someone would in a text message and clearly displays an attitude problem when confronted with criticism? I’ll admit, the game is great but could use major improvements such as an unlockable “auto” mode upon causing Zone-tan (or any other heroes) to climax, but I’m absolutely astounded by the fact that there are people willing to pay an expensive monthly fee to access websites that earn money by re-programming and re-animating stolen work and are incapable of clearly expressing both themselves and any details regarding specific release dates and updates. *SMH*

  14. elfiend says:

    is it possible to get her completely naked or am i to dump for it?
    To the game: I really like it, i don’t see any problems there so i hope the next heroines are available soon

  15. hint says:

    Hints: you need to pull.down.on the.panties.

    You should look at her straps for the dress.

    Read instructions.

  16. gerard says:

    hello again Bato :D
    i just saw the old version from which you got this zone tan made from how could you do that and imitate other flash games? :P and some zone archive flashes? :P hehe no sweat just kidding :D doesnt it piss you off when you get comments like that? i personally like your work more then the previous version from which you made zone tan in :) who said that the imitation could be worst this one is far more better then the original just wanted to thank you again for this cool flash and the hentaigirl 5 zone tan edition looks promising too cant wait to play the full version :D and also could you keep in mind a note or something next to you for future updates to this zone tan flash adding an anal button and maybe later for a blow job with different face expressions? its always cool to see a little naughty girl like zone tan getting banged everywhere :P
    keep up the awesome work man :)

  17. Raddah says:

    Do her boots and leggings come off? If so, where from? Also what would i be doin to penetrate?

  18. James Oreily says:

    so the only way to get the other characters is to spend $30?

  19. david says:

    hey bato,really nice game.i’ve won this game but there just one thing lacking.THE SOUND..if there was sound of moaning or somewhat it will be a lot BETTER!!!i like ur work…thnx!!

  20. Twisty says:

    Are you still working on this?