Zone Tan version 2.0: new heroes available!

Sorry for delay. I have to fix troubleshotings with my PC. Now I`am at work again. New version of zone-tan game is ready. As we promise new heroes available: ben 10, pokemon, the legend of korra, jean grey from x-men. But will be available only for FTF, TFC, D-H members in next update in member section (remember you can always join here:  Here you can launch DEMO version and if you find any bugg or error – let me know – I`ll try to fix this one shotly.


If you have any problems try to use direct link here: zone-tan-sex-game


  1. legojohn says:

    Theres nothing happening but her face changing when I move over here, also no sound.

  2. Unknown says:

    i don’t like that i can’t take gwen
    but the game is very good

  3. anon says:

    I’ve been able to get her fully naked, but she tends to put up an effort while trying to get her wet or while trying to have sex.

    So I’ve played with the settings but still haven’t had much luck. What makes it easier : a 1 or a 5?

    I have it on 1 for both of her settings and a 3 for me but still not having luck. Help!

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      I know some cheats codes for this game… But please be patient and you`ll get luck.
      PS: cheat codes will be posted here some time later.

  4. kurt7040 says:

    i am a member of D-H, but i cannot view this… it doesn’t even show up.

    • BatoLies says:

      That’s because it not on the website yet. It’s poorly worded so people rush to the website and subscribe for nothing. He’s done it several times before. Look at any of the zone-tan comment sections on his blog.
      “it’s on the website”
      “no it’s not”
      “Plz wait next update xD”
      “It’s still not up yet”
      “next update”

      Not alot of credability here.

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      Hallo my friend. As I see you have NO ability to sign up to drawn-hentai and try to make everything to get this game for free. Sorry – NO. Guys from drawn-hentai sponsor my work from the total begining nd continue to do this. And it is clear for me that they try to make money on this. All works shared here are just my initiative to share something for free. But they ask not to share exclusive or full videos and games. I think this is better than nothing. As for FULL version of zone-tan 2.0 – this will be available on next update in drawn-hentai members section on 2012/10/23 – please be patient.

  5. heretocreep says:


  6. spagetti says:

    bloody hell this sucks!
    We are here to fap not to click a million times on the same thing for her to push you away!

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      if you want just to fap, please go here: or here: – thank you!

  7. Nick Belize says:

    So far, not liking this game. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, slow and prolonged strokes on thighs and face works, other times she resets very quickly. Sometimes I’ve gotten the skirt up after only getting the legs apart, sometimes not. However it seems that the best indicator of “arousal” in the game can only be had by pulling up her skirt. Sometimes doing that quick works, sometimes not.

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      so you want me to make just videos as always? Or work more hard on such games – to get some better result?

    • Nick Belize says:

      I’m just saying SOME kind of, maybe an indicator to show you how close she is to putting her hands up and stopping you, or stroking her face WON’T get her to stop you. Anything. Something. As it stands, it’s completely random.

      Also, “grabbing” seems to be unpredictable. I can understand that with legs / arms, as she is “resisting”, but clothes should “grab” easily, or at least some indication of where the grab point might be.

      Not saying it’s a horrible game, it’s just that as it stands it’s frustrating and I wound up just closing the browser window.

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      I understand you. BUt as for me all games with such indicator (hentaikey games for example) are not so hard to play. WHen you see indicator you control everything. BUt when indicator is now available and she says :NO: to your first you are really angry but try to make her wet again and again untill totally fuck her…

    • Zing says:

      The grab point is at your thumb.
      The touch point is your finger.

  8. Darkfire says:

    Very well made! I enjoyed it very much. I would love to see more like this in the future! I love Zone-tan!

  9. Fapper says:

    Hey! I love the game even i can only play the demo. I think the more you work in games the better. Keep up the good work! ;-)

    Can i have a full version for being a butt kisser? ;)

    • Dave says:

      I gave him the game to edit and he doesnt even give me it :P

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      full version will be available later. Sorry. BUt exclusive right to be the first one who can play this game are FTF members. Meanwhile I`ll post game here too. Sorry…

  10. pornluv says:

    Its pretty good but you could make the hand’s response to the mouse movements a little more snappy, although that could just be my browser playing up. Also perhaps make it so that the hand changes back to a cursor when using the controls like cool and clean

  11. Anonymous says:

    I played it for 10 minutes trying to get the game to work but she keeps resetting. The grabbing mechanic is broken and random, very frustrating.

    You need to understand that you designed the game and so it is easy for you to play, but for someone that has to figure everything out on their own it makes no sense and is not fun at all. So here you have a game that should be very erotic but is just not worth playing due to frustration.

    There’s a difference between a sexy tease and a total tease and getting to a certain point to have her reset over and over is pointless. No matter what I set the difficulty at, 1,3,5 whatever it just doesn’t work.

  12. Doesitmatter? says:

    This game is seriously lacking.

    It’s a shame because I was looking forward to trying this out but even as a demo it’s more aggravating than amusing.

    There is no indication to what you are doing right or wrong and even following the instructions on the fore-screen doesn’t necessarily help achieve the goal of the “game”.

    I can appreciate that you want to have your own type of games compared to that of hentaikey but you’re missing the underlying fact, these games shouldn’t be frustratingly hard to play even on the easiest resistance level.

    The flash looks good and better than some of your previous works which is good to see because it shows that you’ve spent some time on it but when the gameplay is as aggravating as it is coupled with the “hit and miss” or “stumbling around in the dark” aspect of players having no idea if what they’re doing is right or wrong makes the game get very boring very quickly.

    You try one thing – she reverts to starting position. You try something else – she reverts to starting position. Again you try something else – she reverts to starting position. And throughout all this you have no idea what you’re doing wrong and why she keeps reverting back to the starting position. I’ve loaded this game now on two separate occasions and after multiple attempts I have closed it both times thinking “Whatever, I don’t really care anymore, I’m over playing this”

    Again, I can appreciate the fact that you like to make your own style of games but, lets face it, this is a sex game. That’s what people wanted to see. So obviously when you make it brutally hard to reach that and at the same time provide no indication to the user what they are doing wrong the game in itself defeats its own purpose.

    It’s a decent attempt, I’ll say that much. In all honesty though, and take this as constructive criticism, you need to work out what makes a decent game. What might seem blatantly clear to you obviously isn’t to others judging by the responses you’re getting here in the comment section.

    Again, I’m just trying to provide some constructive criticism. The animation looked nice ( or what little I saw of it).

    • spagetti says:

      This cover the problem exactly.
      In its current state the game is a waste of time and a big turn-off.
      There is a reason that zone and ALL other games of this style use a similar visual ‘feedback’ system. IT WORKS.

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      sory: you don`t like tha game? ok. So stop playing thins one! No? You want cheat mode or realy simple game to play? Ok, but for this purpose you can check my videos section – there is no use to play in video – just watch and FAP. But as for me game must be hard to play otherwise it is not interesting.
      PS: for fapping please go here:

    • Yarpen says:

      I like how you respond to serious criticsm.

    • Doesitmatter? says:

      Well that’s what I said, wasn’t it ? I did stop playing the game.

      And you’ve just proven my point in what I was trying to tell you. I quote from your comment “But as for me game must be hard to play otherwise it is not interesting.”

      What I was trying to tell you was that not everyone sees it the same as you, in fact (I’d dare say) that most people wouldn’t agree. So as an artist in your own right if you’re trying to expand your fan-base (and reputation) you can’t work with the mentality of “people have to like what i like ” instead you should be aiming for “what works for the wider community” otherwise you’re really limiting your audience.

      Again, the game looks good ! You are talented and I’m not questioning that.

      What I am TRYING to tell you is that you can’t expect for the broad community that are in demand of decent sex games to conform to what YOU want, rather YOU (having the talent) listen to what THEY want, and deliver. Otherwise your fan-base will not grow as well as it could… It’s all about “supply and demand” (if you’re familiar with the term).

      I can safely assume that by your constant redirection of negative comments on this thread to “” you do in fact want to ensure that people are happy with the product that you as an individual or as part of a broader “business” have to offer. So this is what I’m saying….

      You CAN redirect people to other sections of your overall hierarchical website and leave it at that -OR- you could listen to what people want, supplying it, and end up being the most in demand section of what you’re a part of and secure your footing within it as being invaluable.(EG hentaikey and Zone)

      Again, Im taking the time to write ALL of this to try and give you some constructive criticism and outsider opinion like you wanted.

      Hope it helps :)

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      I like your constructive criticism. Thank you. As for me – I am srtist and I am totally free. You said: ” you should be aiming for “what works for the wider community” ” But look at previous posts: only hot video with great animation. Now look at comments for such videos – almost nothing. Now look at number of comments for the post “Zone-Tan-Game” ? Do you see the difference? I think today most people don`t like simple videos you can get at tubes. New games are really interesting for my audience today. This game is just experiment. And I think this is successfull. For example, we can now start making NEW game based on your constructive criticism. Or you want me to continue make simple videos as usual? Don`t think so…

  13. alex says:

    Don’t know if my last on went through, but I’m thinking it’d be really cool to see Eureka from Eureka7 to be a special character.

  14. luke says:

    I like this game very much. Its verry exciting.

    What will be the differenze between the Demo and the Version for registered Users?

  15. Bradley says:

    This game was almost good but your fucking retarded difficulty settings ruin it. What’s that, you slightly touched my ear? I better reset to the beginning position and make you click 20 times just to get my legs back down. Piece of shit game. Every second you spent on this was a waste of your life.

  16. CheeseBurgur says:

    Nice Game!

  17. Pie says:

    I dun even understand how to get her undressed. O.o

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      really I`am starting to think that I have to make some realy SIMPLE MODE for our members…

    • luke says:

      I think most people simply need more instructions.

      Actually i’m down to i think 30 Minutes to win the game (“congratulations”) on easy Mode (Settings 1-5-5).

      Its not a game for a quick fap. You have to be realy nice to her and arouse her much before she lets you do more to her. You can’t rape her.

      Dont try do undress her completly bevore she has cum at least one times.

      Watch her facial expression and how wet she gets to know if you are on the right path. And if she closes her legs and pushes you away you were to fast.

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      Thank you. Ok we`ll post more instructions. Bytheway you are the first one who place here cheat code: “1-5-5”.
      All other: really easy Mode start when you set Settings 1-5-5 on first screen of the game.

    • spagetti says:

      Well, you do seem to be quite slow in the head yourself actually.

  18. Purp says:

    I hate her legs so fking much

  19. Dosntmatter says:

    Troll game… you must just get off by reading how pissed everyone is. That is the purpose of your “game”.

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      May be you are right. Really finished game with other heroes is available for FTF members. You can join ftf and try it. I think you`ll change your opinion. Nevertheless 10x for your comment.

  20. Annon says:

    Great game but how do I cum in???

    And add sound as soon as possible

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      please be petient and try to play again and again. =)

    • Annon says:

      I finally won the game. For me the dificuilty is fine. It was a great fun and I’m looking forward to play new wersion.

      The game is already great but you could add anal penetration (with it’s own type of climax of course) as a reward of winning the game. And if you do this this game will be one of best games of this kind

      Good luck at work :)