Zone Tan Sex game

Hallo everyone as I see most of you are asking for Zone Tan. I f you want to see other heroes please mail me using e-mail from the top. Now we gonna rip well-known game but totally change heroes policy. You can chose hero by youself. And the first one – guess who? Of course hot Zone-Tan. Below screens from beta-version (will be available in FTF meberzone soon) But now let me know which heroes you want to see in this game? Please wright only one hero in comments. Thank you!

Zone Tan porn

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  1. tank says:

    im having trouble with the game. the front isnt helping. can u help me?

  2. omallu says:

    so batu, when will this be finished because i really, really love this and zone-tan. i hope this doesnt disapoint me because its god damn sexy.

  3. hellhound says:

    Ember from danny phantom.

  4. Pyroless says:

    i just want the ones in the game already,but cant aford paying for a site just to get a few heros on a game,but the game is awesome lol

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      sorry for this. you can wait and come back here lately. Once I`ll publish version with heroes limitation for public. But when? Don`t know. Sorry.

  5. alex says:

    Eureka7’s main characters are all damn good. eureka, taho, Gidget. all good.
    of course can’t look past eureka though!

  6. gerard says:

    i have been searching for the guy who made this flash awesome work man :D how about motoko as in ghost in the shell? :) and are you thinking of updating zone-tan? like adding a button for anal like a double click while using the space bar? i dont think it would be hard for you? :) maybe also adding new face expressions for anal intercourse? what do you think?

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      may be may be. Like your idea with “ANAL” button…Now I`am working on new game – almost finished – see last post here at

    • gerard says:

      dragon ball and hentaigirl 5 zone tan edition awesome man! :D
      yeah i will definitely look for future updates and yep once the new games are done please keep in mind for an update for this zone tan game and i will see the rest on FTF :D

    • BatoTheCyborg says:

      You like FTF updates? Like to here this. Bytheway do you think too that price 34.95 is too big for membership and get exclusive games and videos?

  7. David says:

    I’d like to see violet from the incredibles, personally

  8. john says:

    hey, i want ino from naruto..
    i have already won this game and i wanna try a new hero..
    plzz bato

  9. david says:

    hey, i want katara from avatar..
    i have already won this game and i wanna try a new hero..
    plzz bato