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Next video in progress: Korra!

Hi everyone! Next video in progress. In this video you can find the most hot chick today – Korra from the “The Legend of Korra”. You can see some screens from my desktop – I think you`ll like this scenario. Video will be really hot. I waiting for final version by myself. Think you`ll like this!

Futurama video in progress

HI all. Hard animation work continue. Now I`am totaly busy with futurama heroes. Here ar some screens form may desktop – just show that I`am really working on this. Soon new futurama sex video will be available for FTF memebers. Enjoy.

Zone-Tan Sex video: Full Version

Only for true batothecyborg fans: Zone-Tan Sex video full version all episodes in one. Enjoy!

Cartoon Sex Poll started

Today I`ve started a new poll to determine which heroes\tv-show to use in next video update. Feel free to post any other tv-show or hero in comments – I`ll add this one to poll. Just want to know what is most popular today. Thank for your voices and comments.