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Simpsons Sex Video

Hi all! Sorry for NO updates I was totally busy with Zone-Tan swf videos (to change speed while sex-machine get inside Zone-Tan from slow to fast). But now this is done and I can start new work. I was seeking for new ideas and new tv-shows – but most of them are not so interesting and I`ve remembered that some of you ask for Simpsons.
Simpsons – why not?!
I like Marge – she is always really hot milf – and as you know Homer is rather good fuckmaster – but he is so fat and always looks funny. So I start a new project called “Marge Simpson Great Fuck” and want to share my working process desktop – think you`ll like this screens – and see that I`am working hard on this video. Thank you for visiting my site. And please comment my work – 10x!

New artist found for

Good news! New artist found for

Now I can totally focused on animation work. Finally we`ve found new artist for drawn-hentai pic updates section. Check His sketches for “Legend Of Korra” update and one coloured pic as BONUS for visitors. Enjoy and leave your comments what you think about his art – thank you!

cartoon sex flash bonus

The hard animation work continue, new video is in progress. Now shot scene  – special bonus for visitors:

Zone-Tan in progress

Continue with zone-tan video. Still working with nex part of Zone-Tan sex video. Now She is in action with dildo-sex-machine. Some scetches from my workspace:

X-men Sex Video

New video from FTF memberarea special for members: X-men heroes in hot sex action. Bythe way I`ve started youtube chanel, you can follow it if you want to be the first one who check my videos at youtube chanel, enjoy: BATO YOUTUBE CHANEL

X-men Sex video

Zone-Tan sex video in progress

Hi everyone sorry for delay but now I`am totally in progress with new version of Zone-Tan video. We are now making FTF-boy conception. This is black nigga with great strap-on and dildo collection who gonna fuck all the well-known toons and the first one is – Zone-Tan. Here are some screens from my desktop, remember full video is available only fro members: